Reward and Punishment In Our Lives, Part 3

laitman_752_3Question: We live in this world like little children who feel punished when their mother won’t give them candy and a can of soda because she knows that it is bad for them. Who is this mother?

Answer: The mother is the general system, nature, the laws of nature, within which we exist. The system responds to us immediately, systematically, training us step-by-step to develop a correct relationship with reality and gradually allowing us to get to know her in order for us to open our eyes and see the true reality.

It is similar to the way a small child sees only a tiny part of the world, a very flat and limited picture. He doesn’t understand the system that governs a nation or the world or how all this is functioning.

Even grown people often do not know how the government is structured, how it functions, and on what principles its systems work. For the majority, what impacts them personally is what concerns them the most, for example, the garbage that has not been picked up by their house.

As a person develops and matures, he becomes familiar with the system of government in his country. Similarly, we must become familiar with the systems of nature that control us.

Question: Mother is symbolic of the warmth, love, care, and everything nurturing and kind that exists in a person’s life. Why then, looking at my life, don’t I see that the world behaves toward me with such caring and love? Rather the opposite, I receive blows from every direction.

Answer: We think that nature’s love must manifest in a form that we understand. But, are we representing her to ourselves correctly? I think that if there is a goal I must reach in my development, then a mother is obligated at all times to care about that which keeps me aimed at this goal.

Because my continuous state within my egoism is very bad and I need to leave this evil and come to good as quickly as possible,  the mother prepares all the necessary conditions for this to happen. She does not push me with force and doesn’t hurry me with a whip, but constantly presents me with opportunities to advance. And I need to understand her!

The problem is in that we do not understand how nature is controlling us. As soon as I begin to understand this and seek to enter this process, then everything will change.

Because I am trying to discern: Where is the mother, what does she want from me in each moment, in each state, what is she moving me toward, what do I need to do right now, and most importantly, what should I be thinking about? How am I supposed to perceive the world and relate to the unfolding events, while at all times adjusting the way I am relating to the world and evolving my consciousness?

If I always think that there is none other than the upper force, that is, mother nature is constantly attending to me, always wanting the best for me, then I will unerringly advance in the right direction. It is possible that on the path I will sometimes make mistakes and hit the walls of my limitations: either on the left or on the right, but overall I will be moving forward. I will be under vigilant control and will reach the goal.

The mother is concealed, but gradually I uncover this system as a result of my collisions with her and analysis of my actions: What did I do correctly, what not? In this way I will come to understand what are rewards and what are punishments.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/2/17

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