Why Is Nature so Merciless to Us?

249.01Question: Why at this stage, is nature so ruthless toward us and will not forgive our segregation?

Answer: Because we have grown out of the past state.

For 5,000 years, and even more, we were evolving egoistically. Nature only pushed us: “Advance, advance. If you want to separate, separate. Build. Make revolutions. Do whatever you want.”

And now we have reached the peak of egoistic development in science, culture, technology, and in everything. We have passed this peak and that is it, now we are going down. We need to go further, but with a different attitude to ourselves and to nature, in merging, uniting, and rising above our egoism.

Having passed the egoistic peak, we wanted to continue to rise egoistically. But as soon as we proceeded with this, we immediately began to fall. We cannot continue to rise egoistically but only upon the connection between us, only above the ego.

This is where the breaking point begins, which is now being felt more and more acutely. Therefore, according to Kabbalah, humanity will either come to huge wars that will lead to even greater suffering and will force us to think and abandon our egoistic development, or we will realize that we cannot develop further egoistically. Then where do we get the power that transforms our egoistic energy into the energy of connection between us, into bestowal, into mutual correct human coexistence?

This power is in Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Europe Today” 1/26/11

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