Where To Find Immortality?

712.03Question: Where is the line when a person acquires freedom from death or rather, freedom from this concept?

Answer: A person gains freedom from death as soon as he begins to feel the upper world. Therefore, it is written on the tablets of the covenant: “Herut” – “Freedom.”

It means freedom from the angel of death. It is said about this: “Behold, I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil… choose life.” Moreover, this is not life when you simply exist, but spiritual life that you can reach now and rise above it. Essentially, “Choose immortality.”

Comment: Many have tried to seek this immortality. Today scientists are also trying to find this “I” that perceives reality. They have already explored everything they can, and they say: “We do not find this in the brain.” Moreover, we do not perceive this reality through the eyes. There is a kind of screen at the back of our brain that reflects what is inside of us.

Kabbalists spoke and wrote about this many centuries ago.

My Response: Kabbalists saw it, revealed it, and felt it. Scientists just presume. They clearly do not realize that the world we see before us is inside us. They just guess that it must be so, that our eyes do not see what is happening outside. In general, the eyes are not an organ of vision.

The organ of vision is our brain. The eyes are a lens that turns what is inside us outward. Therefore, for the time being, we can explain existence only in this way.

Nevertheless, we will come to a state when we discover that Kabbalah is vital for us, because without a correct view of life, without real attainment of the universe, we simply cannot exist, we get lost in this. We have developed so much and went so deep into matter that we got lost in this forest. What to do next, we do not know. In any area!

We suddenly find ourselves so lost, small, and dependent entirely on nature. We ask, “What is next for us?” Here Kabbalah is revealed.

I think that people will begin to accept it correctly, as a science of an integral single universe and most importantly, as a science that takes us to an eternal, perfect level of existence.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Beyond the Last Line” 5/3/10

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