What You Tune Into Is What You Feel

198Question: There are people who feel the thoughts of others and predict what will happen. Is it the same as catching a spiritual wave?

Answer: No, this is the animalistic level. This hypersensitivity is also found in animals.

This only proves that such abilities like the qualities of Wolf Messing and others are above the human body, that all of the present, past, and future exist, and it only manifests itself now or later in the sweep of time in relation to us. But in fact, all this is without time and without space; it all exists and that’s it.

Question: In other words, are these people a certain receiver through whom the thought of the common field works in this way?

Answer: Yes, of course. A person can as if break away from this moment, delve into the next moment and accept another thought, which is realized in him in a form of a vision of future events.

In this thought, in which we exist, absolutely all events exist. They depend on the person. That is, these events do not even exist. A person must internally tune in to them, then he will receive information.

After all, all events exist there not in a corporeal, but rather in an amorphous form—what you tune into is what you feel. However, you are the one who feels, you are the receiver, this is embodied in you.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Secrets of Immortality” 1/7/11

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