Through The Maternal Side

557Question: Why are diseases transmitted more often through the maternal side rather than through the paternal one?

Answer: In theory, this is how it should be because it is through the maternal side that everything is transmitted from person to person. The father only gives information, and the mother lays all the foundations of the material organism.

In Kabbalah, we study that the basis of reproduction, birth, and development of a child in our world or at the next degree on the spiritual level comes from Malchut, and this is the female part. Therefore, naturally, all problems, diseases, and especially all qualities are transmitted mainly from the mother. And much less from the father.

Alternately, in both the father and mother, there are also a father and a mother, an inner male and an inner female part. The male part from the father and the male part from the mother are joined together into the male part. The female part from the father and the female part from the mother, into the female part. Together they give their influence on the future fetus. This is stated in Kabbalah, but is already mentioned also in the sciences, such combinatorics.

This determines the sex of the child, its internal properties, its health, and illness.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Philadelphia Experiment” 10/24/10

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