The Purpose of Torah

209The true nature of human being encloses us in our world, and we do not see anything beyond what we sense with our five corporeal senses. Whereas the exit from this into wider, higher, expanded feelings requires us to expand the sensations and consciousness.

For that we are given the manual called “Torah” (from the word “Ohrlight“), which explains how to trigger the upper force upon ourselves, the force of the light, that would lift us to the next level of sensing the universe.

The Torah is written in detail and includes all aspects of our existence, of our life. However, this manual is not simple, and therefore it is not easy to perceive and implement.

But this manual does exist. We have been battling for centuries over it in order to exit from the sensation of our world, expand the borders of attainment, and come into existence in a global universe that is not limited by the perception of our egoism.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/14/22

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