The Opportunity Given to Us

291Question: You say that a person perceives everything from within himself. For example, Tsiolkovsky perceived everything from within himself. But why, speaking of the will of the universe, did he speak of it as something perfect, harmonious, that treats us with absolute goodness?

Answer: Because each of us has the ability to perceive the world outside of ourselves.

In some people, this ability, which in Kabbalah is called a point in the heart, is more pronounced. They feel pressure and movement from within. For most people, however, this point is deeply concealed. They do not have such a need, such a grip.

Therefore, they try to do it in science first. I have met many such people. I think that in our time a serious reassessment will begin, and these people will come to Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is a wisdom that helps a person look not only deeply into himself, into his feelings, but also to change himself, his feelings, to go beyond himself and see the world unperturbed, as it really is, outside of me, and not the way I feel it in myself.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Will of the Universe” 28/11/10

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