Potential for Convergence

963.6Question: Why can’t Jews outside of Israel unite? What is so special here? There are seven to eight million Jews living in America today. Who’s preventing them from uniting there? After all, the country does not prevent them.

Answer: The country does not interfere with them and yet they do not unite.

Comment: But in Israel also people do not unite.

My Response: There is an equivalence of root and branch. Therefore, those who strive for the spiritual root also strive for its earthly branch, meaning, the land of Israel. But we cannot understand this, we cannot imagine what it is and why it is so important to be in the earthly representation at the same time, in the land of Israel, in Jerusalem. We do not understand and do not feel it. But, in principle, I have met people who feel it very clearly.

Question: If nature should unite a certain number of people, and then it spreads to the whole of humanity, then those who are in Israel have a greater potential for this connection, right?

Answer: There are actions that must occur at the material level and then gradually rise to their spiritual identity.

Comment: If you look through the eyes of an ordinary person, then abroad, for example, in America, people there are more united than here. It is a nightmare what is going on here.

My Response: Yes, but that is why the nightmare happens, so that it must be overcome. By overcoming it, you will see how suddenly you find yourself in a state of spiritual forces.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/26/22

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