Bread and Land

506.5Question: Any meal, even one with meat, is not considered a meal without bread. Why is bread so important?

Answer: Bread is the basis of food, the basis of a man. A man became a man when he began to cultivate the land and subdue nature.

He stopped going out into the forest to gather some roots or fruit or to hunt some animal for dinner. He began to settle on the land. This was not accidental. He had a surplus of his labor. He began to exchange it for something else, and thus specialization appeared.

Bread represents the basis of food. For the first time, wheat was bred and cultivated in Israel.

In Babylon, people mostly ate barley bread, onions, garlic, and dried fish, and drank water. But when they settled in Israel, they began to breed cattle, raise cows, sheep, and chickens, and tame horses, dogs, and donkeys.

Before the ruin of the Temple there were many forests here and very fertile land. It is fertile even now; you just give it water, and everything will grow. We see how everything grows and we do not know what to do with the surplus.

Since then, bread is the basis of food all over the world. A person is arranged so that bread is the most satisfying, acceptable and, most importantly, convenient food for him, which is not perishable like meat. Grain and flour can be stored for a long time, and this is very convenient and important.

Question: Why is it on bread that we make a blessing?

Answer: That is precisely why.

From the point of view of Kabbalah, bread represents the quality of Bina, which is bestowal and faith. The quality of Bina is what the land gives. The animal gives milk, the trees give fruit, and the land gives bread. There is a special blessing for all this.

Land is a receiving quality. It attracts, absorbs and digests everything in itself. When it is connected with water, and you place some part of life into it, the germ of life, a grain, it is able to influence it so that everything grows out of it, that is, the quality of Bina develops.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Bread and Health” 4/24/14

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