On Holocaust Remembrance Day

961.2Question: What does Holocaust Remembrance Day mean to you personally?

Answer: It is the fact that we still need to remember the Holocaust of European Jewry in addition to all the huge tragedies that the Jewish people have experienced in their long history. This was a mass extermination of Jews in the modern world, in the modern era. No one anticipated that this was possible. Even today it is somehow hard to believe that this could have happened.

Yet it is what happened, and I have no doubt that it could happen today too. It could happen exactly as it did 70 years ago.

Question: This sounds quite scary. Didn’t history teach us anything?

Answer: No, nothing has changed. People have absolutely not changed. And they will quickly build all those concentration camps.

Question: Why have we evoked and still evoke hatred upon us?

Answer: This is a question. Because this is what we are. Because we do not want to change ourselves and thus do not want to change history. Until we change, the world will not change.

Comment: But the world did not say: “You have to change.” The world simply destroyed Jews and hate them.

My Response: Man appeared in this world in order to change and to accordingly force the world to change. If man does not change, the world practically remains the same. That is, it changes, but it changes at a very slow pace.

Man is born to change, to become an altruist, to be closer to others, to unite, and to show others that this is the way to live.

If Jews do not do it despite the fact that they are obligated to, then the entire world does not do it with them. Then we have a completely new picture of the world. That is, instead of moving forward at a certain speed, the world is slowing down. This slowing down causes such excesses.

Question: Are you saying that the world implicitly, subconsciously feels the guilt of the Jews for the world not changing, not getting happier, and that the Jews are to blame for this?

Answer: The Jews are to blame for this, and all the nations of the world feel it.

Question: What does “feel” mean? They “feel” sounds very mystical. After all, they do not say: “You have to change.”

Answer: Why don’t they say it? Ask people! Ask regular, educated people of our time: Europeans, Americans, they will tell you. It is because they are in contact with Jews.

Comment: Most of the time people say something like this about Jews: “They are bankers, they own all the capital of the world, they run the world. This is why we do not like them, why we hate them,” and so on. “They are the chosen ones;” the chosen ones imply that they are special. This is what they say about Jews.

How did it then pass over to ordinary Jews who are not such leaders of the world? 6,000,000 Jews were exterminated; this did not simply happen! 6.000,000! Children and women.

My Response: Hatred of Jews is absolutely in everyone. It is inside people subconsciously because there is a root in these people aimed at changing the world.

This root is anti-egoistic. It forces people to change, so Jews are slightly different. An ordinary person who has special intuition feels in a person if he is a Jew or not a Jew.

Question: Is it because, as you say, there is some special point in a Jew?

Answer: A special point that encourages him to change nature.

Question: Does humanity need this, precisely this, point?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is this point contagious? Can it pass on to others?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: So, we were born with this point and are forced to travel the world.

My Response: You cannot get away from it, you must implement it.

Question: Does it mean that the closer the world comes to a dead end with all the hatred, with wars, the more it will turn to Jews and with even more anti-Semitism? Will it be even bigger than it was during the Second World War?

Answer: Of course! It will hate them to the measure that is necessary to change the world, but the world will not be changing.

Comment: I have been to Auschwitz and Dachau, I have traveled through these concentration camps, shot many movies there. I had a feeling that humanity would never come to this again. Never!

My Response: Easy! Any person can be persuaded in a second and be made such an anti-Semite that he himself will be the first to kill.

We have a responsibility to figure out why this is so and the responsibility to reveal to the world the reason for it hating us and not to dismiss it as all fiction. It actually exists, it is in nature, and that is why it will not disappear, and it does not depend on education or on intellect or on anything else.

On the contrary, the more intelligent a person is, the more educated he is, the more willing he is to reveal this reason: what is the difference between him and a Jew. In principle, once he understands this, he is very dissatisfied with it and is ready to really remove them all and remove them from the world altogether!

Once we come to a state that the world discovers that we are obligated to change from egoism to altruism, from hatred to love, which is very difficult to do, then can you imagine what kind of attitude will arise toward Jews? It is better not to talk about it in advance.

Now we are beginning to enter this transition period. And we want to start revealing it right now.

We, our organization, want to start revealing it now so that we can show everyone that it is possible. It is difficult, but it is possible to move into a completely different state of matter, one might say, from hatred to love.

Question: So are you saying that if the world starts to slowly understand this, then the pressure on the Jews will increase even more and more?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Are we thereby now directing the world toward the Jews?

Answer: Of course. We are saying: “Let’s help.” Because we all have to come to this stage of rising above egoism.

This stage of rising above egoism is now beginning to grow in the world. We must help it grow, like we grow crops in the field by watering, fertilizing, weeding, and so on.

We must help the entire world! This is called “to be a light upon the nations.”

The world will thereby come closer to this. However, when it gets closer to this, the world will have questions: what for, why, and how? That is, we will have to be able to explain it to the world.

Then we will have to draw the nations of the world after us to this state, to change from egoism to altruism. They will not go through the same states of ascents and descents as we do.

However, they will have to get tied to us and move forward with us. This is where the main moment of leaving Egypt is displayed, when we are in the form of Moses who goes ahead and all the nations of the world behind him. Here all the nations of the world rise from the egoistic level to the altruistic one.

This is called the time of the building of the Third Temple.

Comment: It sounds offensive to the nations of the world that we, Moses, we are leading.

My Response: Let them take this problem from us. I am ready to follow them.

Question: As long as they would lead to the right place? Will we then not be waiting for the next Holocaust that may happen? Are we then already bypassing it?

Answer: Yes. Here again everything depends on us.

Comment: How much responsibility is piled on us! There is no chance to live peacefully.

My response: There is nothing scary here if we agree to do everything so that the Creator would do everything through us. Does He need representatives in this world? Let him do it through me, I agree. That is all.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/25/22

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