How Not to Drown in a Raging Sea

229Mutual guarantee means that we completely depend on each other, as if we are sitting in a boat in the middle of the sea at risk of drowning in our egoism and finishing our lives in this way. If we want to reach the shore, we must stick together so that everyone helps the other.

No one will come to our aid from the outside until we help each other ourselves. Therefore, we must feel that we are in the same boat under the threat of dying. Only if we help each other get out of the ocean of common egoism surrounding us from all sides, can we be saved.

Imagine yourself in a boat in the middle of a raging egoistic sea. If we support each other, then the sea, with its inner force (the force of the Creator), will take our boat ashore.

The people of Israel were assembled from representatives of all seventy nations of the world to serve as an example of mutual guarantee for everyone else. This group has become a small kernel of connection within the entire vast humanity. The whole history of humanity forces the people of Israel to disperse around the globe in order to convey this message to humanity through philosophy, science, and most importantly, religion.

We are yet to reveal that only this force operates in the world and controls it from the center of reality. Now we are approaching the final stage of this development; it depends only on us whether we will reach it the easy way or through great suffering, problems, and wars.

The entirety of humanity has reached a state when it is ready to listen to the issue of mutual guarantee. Every day we feel more and more how connected we are with each other, so much so that it is impossible to separate us. All nations, countries, and governments are trying to somehow single out and isolate themselves, but nothing will work. We only plunge ourselves into suffering, through which we will understand more clearly that we are tightly connected and can achieve success only through mutual guarantee.

Otherwise, the world will not calm down. It will experience wars and difficult scrutiny. Someday, however, after many years of suffering and problems, we will realize that everyone depends on everyone, and there is no other force capable of governing us except the force of mutual guarantee.

All of humanity is in one small boat in the middle of a big raging sea. If we do not recognize our mutual responsibility, we will plunge ourselves into great troubles. Of course, in the end, we will decide that we are obliged to be in mutual guarantee.

Today, no country in the world can exist without connection with other countries. And it would be desirable for these connections to be positive. After all, bad connection causes troubles to others, and boomerangs back to you. Only through some human, normal agreements is it possible to come to peace.

Thus, we will learn that only mutual care and mutual guarantee can lead us to a good life. Then we will discover that there is another goal—to acknowledge the global force that operates in the world. It is impossible to govern the world without knowing this basic law of loving one’s neighbor as oneself.

This is no longer a simple caring for each other, but complete rejection of the egoistic approach. Instead of foreign ministers helping each country take care of itself, there will be other ministers taking care of the connection between everyone and its mutuality. After all, we will not be able to exist otherwise.

This will lead us to the need to study the laws of mutual guarantee, that is, the laws of the true reality. We live at a time when for the first time the world feels its integral dependence, interconnectedness, and therefore, responsibility to each other. No one has the right to do what he wants, regardless of others. After all, we see what this leads to. Everyone has to take the entire world into account.

This is how we come closer to the truth, which is not found in any country, in any government, or in any person. The truth is above us, and it lies in the good connection from each person to all people.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/22, Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut,” (Mutual Guarantee)

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