Do Not Listen to Anyone

527.03Question: Igor writes: “Why do I live in doubt all the time? Why do I have to choose something all the time and at the same time suffer every time I have to decide something, even the simplest thing, like which sneakers to buy, not to mention a car or an apartment? But the worst thing is that today I do not know who is right, who to listen to, who to follow. My question is: How can we make decisions?”

Answer: Do not listen to anyone. Follow absolutely no one! In no way and to no place! You have to feel that you are in a vacuum each time and there is nothing around you, nothing to lean on, no markers, no signs where to turn, what to turn to, or how to step. Nothing.

You have such doubts that there is nowhere to put your foot in this life and you do not know where to step. That’s it.

This is a wonderful state! When you have only one thing left—the opportunity to turn to the Creator and feel that you depend only on Him! That’s all. This is the most reliable state. And the most correct one.

Question: So, are you saying we can only rely on Him and not at all on anyone else?

Answer: Of course. If He gives us such states that we feel that there is no one else besides Him to rely on, this is a great salvation. It is in order to always have such questions whatever they are, so that I find answers only if I aim for the Creator. Then everything gets solved on the way.

Otherwise, we cannot do anything. These constant doubts are all we need in this life. Everything comes from the Creator and turns into doubts, indecision, and questions in my egoism.

And I refer it all to Him, together with my egoism. I adhere to Him. And in this form, I am waiting for a decision. Not even just a decision, I am waiting for action so that the Creator Himself will do it, perform it. It is the same as when you take a baby, put it in front of you, move its legs, and teach it how to walk. Just like that.

Question: What you are saying, can it be applied to any issue at the lowest, every day level, at any level?

Answer: At any level.

Question: Up to the highest?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Will I hear the answer then? If I tune in, will I hear the answer?

Answer: Since the Creator is perfection that includes everything, there is no small, big, or insignificant event for Him in creation. Absolutely all of them are equal.

Question: So, are you saying that the little steps of this little man, of the baby, lead to dad, to the father, over there? Is this what He wants, that we slowly, in small steps, get there?

Answer: Naturally. You just need to feel that He places your feet. He directs you to Him precisely with the help of these questions, failures, states of uncertainty, and so on.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/28/22

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