The One Who Is Above Others

592.04Question: What can cause a person to feel inferior to others? This is against our nature.

Answer: It is self-education, when he studies the science of Kabbalah and sees from its realization on himself how insignificant he is.

Comment: I can understand this only in relation to a person who reveals the upper force, the only power that controls all of nature and sees what controls him.

My Response: And it is revealed in him in such a way that he feels himself small, petty, and insignificant both in relation to it and in relation to the whole world.

And who is he? If he correctly comprehends the upper force, then he sees its manifestation in everything around him and feels small and weak relative to others.

By seeing the manifestation of the Creator in all people, he begins to feel really not smart enough, not developed enough, not kind enough, not seeing ahead enough. And he’s happy about it.

In other words, everyone who is superior to others actually feels inferior to others.

Question: It turns out that without revealing the upper force, a person cannot control his power?

Answer: If we do not reveal the higher power, then we will remain creepy animals. And this is what we see.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/22/22

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