“Achieving Individual And Group Goals” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Achieving Individual and Group Goals

Life is about goals and the corresponding choices to achieve them. Key elements for success are properly evaluating the conditions at our disposal before setting a goal and our teamwork capabilities.

When I define a goal for myself, I should find out if it is even within my reach. Do I possess the inclinations and skills necessary to achieve it? For instance, if I do not have an analytical mind, it’s a waste of time to set a goal of a career in software engineering. The fact that so many work in the high-tech industry does not guarantee me a path to success either.

Once I decide on a direction that appeals to me personally, I should approach an environment of people who are already working in that field and examine what their day looks like, what their lives, their families, their time for leisure, are like. It may be that the examples I discover of people who actually hold those jobs will lead me to disqualify certain development directions in advance. This will save me time, resources, and false hope.

Groups or work teams that share a common goal should also find successful examples in their field and follow them as much as possible. By and large, the most important variable for team success is the level of mutual connectedness that exists within that group.

Naturally, each individual in the group or team thinks about his or her own performance, interests, and future promotion. In this case, the degree of group togetherness is low even if one contributes and cooperates. It is worth learning to build a team correctly: keeping in mind the common interest. In such a team we will find that success is limitless.

A group, by the highest definition, means that we are all together, feeling connected and functioning like different organs in one body. Each helps the other and understands the other even without words due to the common desire to create harmony and achieve results on a completely different level. That new degree is attained through the absolute conviction that the ultimate goal could have not been achieved alone.

Group strength is created when before tackling a task we set the overarching goal of being connected to each other. Thus, a common mind, a common feeling, emerges between us, and from that, we properly address the challenge before us. Without connection, it is impossible to take a step forward.

A group is not a collection of individuals, the sum of all our abilities as individuals, but a new entity in which our collective efforts and common yearnings merge. The mind and feelings of the group will be of a higher level than those of the individual, no matter how smart and talented anyone is.

Evolution has been like that since its beginning. Nature’s formula for promoting the development of life is to always create more advanced connections between its different elements.

If we, as intelligent beings, take up this trend and learn the method of proper connection between people, we will find that this will elevate us as a human species to the next stage of evolution. In this way, we will adapt to the movement of the general force of nature and achieve the maximum possible results in any area of our lives.

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