Together We Can Do Anything

275We must imagine that we live inside the Creator. He surrounds absolutely everything, fills everything, controls everything, and moves each of us separately and all of us together. This is the state we really are in, it only our egoism that does not allow us to feel it.

The revelation of the Creator to a person in this world is the wisdom of Kabbalah. How can we do this? On the one hand, we give suitable efforts toward the fact that the Creator exists in the world, controls it, creates everything, and there is none else besides Him.

On the other hand, we must come to this state clearly, and clearly means together when we annul our egoism and try to reveal the Creator by force and to become similar to Him. All this together leads us to His revelation.

It is not hard work. I just need to adjust my heart and thoughts to the fact that I am going for it and I want to reveal Him.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Going with Faith above Reason” Lesson 5

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