Filling The Place of Lack—An Exercise In Mutual Relations

600.01Question: A woman feels that she gives a lot at home and to the family. All that giving makes her feel that she gives and gives, but has nothing, that she has no air to breathe and that she does not receive anything. How can this be explained?

Answer: There must be mutuality. The family members need to learn what they are doing in order to receive from her so that she feels that they receive from her and thus fill her as she fills them. This is something that we need to learn since we lack the common feeling.

This is what usually happens in relations between a husband and wife; each one thinks that he or she gives to the other, but does not receive anything, or does not understand what he or she receives.

Question: Is there perhaps an exercise that each of us can do in order to advance?

Answer: We need to learn every day, constantly, since it is about a person’s attitude to life. During our life, from the moment we were born, we receive tips only as to how to develop our ego, that is, a one-way system. What we need is to constantly see the mutuality in our relations, how we connect between us. And actually, in the middle, between us, we need to reach such relations in which we do not need anything from each other.

We need to develop give and take relations so that, besides the ability to give to you, I receive from you only in order to show you how I feel, since I need you.

Question: What do we actually give to each other?

Answer: Only a desire; each one gives others a desire, and thus we develop good and right connections between us. In fact, none of us needs anything except the right attitude.

Suppose everyone has everything, but one needs someone to give to, someone to care about, and from whom to receive mental fulfillment. I need to look at the other and try to give him the feeling of participation on my part in order to fill their desire. My participation is not in a material sense, this is not important, but rather, it is mental fulfillment. By doing that, we will feel that there is not only a connection between us, but also a relationship in which we cannot live without each other.

Today we already feel mutual dependence between us, and we are going to reach a state in our evolution in which each one really feels that he needs all the people in the world in order to give to them, to open their hearts, and to give them his care. And what will the person himself be filled by? By the fact that others are ready to receive from him and vice versa. Then we will reach the state in which we will all truly provide each other with unlimited fulfillment.
From Kab TV’s “New Life” 10/31/21

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