Care And Love

942Question: Should the ten renew and reaffirm the mutual guarantee for each other?

Answer: Friends must constantly take care that all good deeds are open in the ten because this encourages everyone else to act in the same way.

You should care about contributing to the group and not demand something from your friends, but try to make them understand how they should relate to the group. This mainly concerns mutual guarantee (Arvut).

Question: How can I show a friend mutual guarantee?

Answer: The Creator needs only one thing: that you love your friends, and through this love you can spend your love for Him. There are friends between you and the Creator. They will be able to convey your attitude to the Creator only to the extent that you love them and are connected with them. So go ahead.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Working in Mutual Responsibility” Lesson 6

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