What Does It Mean To Rise Above The Restriction?

232.06Question: What does it mean to rise above the restriction?

Answer: It means reducing one’s egoistic desire for oneself, not even the desire itself, but its intention, and trying to replace it with intention for the sake of others and then for the sake of the Creator.

In fact, there is no Creator as such. And what we can imagine under the concept of “for the sake of the Creator” is that we are all together and each one of us works to give back to the group and to the world.

We cannot escape from this! As a result, we will still be forced to change ourselves, if not now, then after a certain number of years or various events. The world will force us to do it, or the sufferings will.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Annulling before the Friends” Lesson 2

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