We Need To Keep On Living

560Comment: In one of the video clips about the loss of a loved one, you said that you need to keep on living and accept it, and that you can even feel joy in life despite the fact that a loved one has been lost.

Tanya writes to you: “Having lost a 25-year-old son, can I, as a mother, go on living, enjoying life? For me personally, life is over—I simply exist, there is no joy. Before, all my friends were envious of how joyful I was—always smiling and laughing. It all ended five years ago. I am living and waiting for my time to meet my precious son.”

Answer: I think you shouldn’t live like this. You can try to feel him even now, in the state you are in. It doesn’t matter that you are worlds apart. It means that you have to try to rise above yourself a little, and you will begin to feel that this love of yours and your attitude toward your son brings you to the level where you can feel him. It’s supernatural but, in general, it’s normal. We just have to push the limits of our perception a little.

I would also advise you to try to keep treating people as you did before, and the way you would like to treat your son now. You will see how much it helps you, and how much it realizes your unclaimed maternal love.

You should engage in helping others. This way you will help both yourself and your son, and overcome this barrier that supposedly exists between you.

Question: Are you saying there is no barrier?

Answer: There is no barrier. It is only in your feelings.

Question: If it is given to a person, does it mean that he can, if he wants to, overcome this barrier?

Answer: Undoubtedly, he can.

Question: In other words, are we not given obstacles we cannot overcome?

Answer: Correct. Man is created so that he can reach his highest spiritual development where there are no barriers, and all his desires are positively realized.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/25/21

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