Treat Your Neighbor As Yourself

559Question: Does love your neighbor as yourself imply that I must first examine how I love myself and then will I be able to love my neighbor and love the Creator? Is this how it works?

Answer: Through aspiring to love your neighbor, you begin to see how much you love not your neighbor, but only yourself. This is where the need arises to correct yourself to such an extent that you treat your neighbor as yourself.

You do not have to explore how you love yourself. This will only bury you in your own egoism. You must try to love your neighbor. To the extent that you make an effort to treat him correctly, you will understand how much you love yourself. That is how it works.

Question: Why is there no difference between working for the Creator or another person? How can this be?

Answer: Because everything that goes beyond human egoism is, as it were, outside of a person. Whether strangers, inanimate, vegetative, and animate objects, or the Creator, all this is outside of us. Therefore, if I feel love for them, sympathy, and a desire to get closer to them, then I do the same regarding the Creator.

Comment: But I think anyone would agree to love the Creator.

My Response: Egoistically,  not for the benefit of another, but for their own benefit. On this, in general, the attitude of a person toward the upper force is built.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/14/21

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