To Accept Without Any Conditions

963.1Let me be in a state in which I do not understand and am unable to connect the thoughts and feelings I am experiencing as a result of it, I am like a shattered vessel that was broken into separate shards, despite this, I perceive this state—these thoughts and desires, and my existence in this reality—as received from the Creator. This is why I have to feel myself as perfect.

The Creator gives me a state that in my opinion is the worst state possible, and I cannot do anything with it. I have neither reason nor feelings for it, but I accept it without any conditions only because it comes from the Creator. Therefore I consider this state to be perfect and as belonging to a higher degree in relation to what I am able to perceive in my Kelim (vessels).

Then I ascend to this upper degree, the degree of bestowal, Bina, which is the degree of faith above reason.

In my opinion, this is a complete shattering because I do not understand anything and cannot connect one with the other. But if I believe that this state comes to me from the Creator, the only and perfect force, the good that does good, then I establish myself with regard to this absolute and increasingly expose myself to the influence of the upper light, to the influence of Bina.

Gradually I begin to understand and feel why the Creator arranged this work for me so I can rise from the will to receive, from all the problems I have, to the will to bestow, from this world to the upper, spiritual world. This is how I rise to the next degree and how I advance toward the state of faith. Even though I do not feel it in my Kelim yet, I am already making room for this concept.

All this is because I do not forget the simple truth: everything I receive now comes to me from the Creator, both the sensation of this world and the sensation of the will to bestow.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/18/22, “Faith Above Reason”

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