A Small Addition That Opens Up A Whole World

962.2All actions supposedly performed for the sake of humanity are actually done for one’s own sake in order to show one’s righteousness, strength, and power. Thus a person works and claims that he is making efforts for the sake of humanity.

But if I really want to work for the sake of humanity, then I need the power of bestowal, the upper force. Therefore, if someone claims that he is ready to work only for the benefit of society, it is a lie. He just does not understand what he is talking about.

But humanity no longer has the strength to work for itself because we have reached such a limit where everyone has already completed their egoistic development. And now we need to develop by uniting.

We see that all of nature develops in a similar way. At first amoeba, the simplest organisms, developed until molecules combined into more complex systems. As a result, they formed more complex bodies that had feelings and a mind, and made a division of roles within their connection.

Humanity is beginning to feel that we do not have enough force for further existence. And when we try to egoistically receive these forces from nature, we cannot do it, and we give up in desperation. This is when the science of Kabbalah must be revealed.

All our development up to this point has been in order to reveal us as a complete zero, that is, that we do not have a single correct goal and strength to reach any truth. We must discover this truth of creation.

A person is not able to work for the sake of humanity because he needs to rise above himself for this. I do not have the ability to feel humanity.

I can feel my family because it is one of the basic desires, which are food, sex, and family; therefore, I am ready to work for it. But humanity and even a nation are almost indiscernible concepts for me. After all, I must egoistically feel that they are in me so that I can work for them. And if I do not have that feeling, then I do not want to make an effort.

Therefore, one additional component is needed here: for the sake of the Creator, above reason, that is, a connection with the upper force due to its revelation. And it is possible to reveal the upper force only through the similarity of properties. This “small” addition opens the entire spiritual world, the true reality, before us.

But we must build the Creator ourselves. He does not exist outside of us. We cannot reveal the Creator until we reach the form of creation. And the form of creation is the ten, the group. Therefore, first of all, we must try to include ourselves into each other.

There is no Creator without creation. There is a common upper force that fills the entire universe. And to the extent that we construct creation, the ten, we can reveal a part of this abstract upper force that fills all of reality on one hand and is not felt by anyone on the other. It is revealed only to those who build the right vessel, the Kli, for its revelation.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/17/22, Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Peace“

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