The Peak Of Life And Its Fading

760.4Question: Baal HaSulam writes in his articles that a person comes to a sense of inner emptiness at the end of life and leaves this world in despair and inner hopelessness: “What was all this about, what for?”

And what happens to this realization after his body dies?

Answer: Nothing. He just gets desperate. In addition to the usual animal existence, the question appears in him: “What for, why?” This feeling of the end is connected to the point in the heart, to the micro-desire we have, and by developing it, we can feel the next, higher world, the general universe.

Question: Is it having this desire that gives a person the fear of death?

Answer: No, animals also fear death. They also try to avoid it, they fight with all their might to survive. After all, animals, just like humans, gradually weaken and pass away. When they feel death nearing, they deliberately distance themselves from others, leave, and die. In the wilderness, we practically do not see such scenes, but this is how it happens.

It is the same with man. He wants to get away from the whole world because in his old age he no longer perceives it, he wants to live quietly in his corner until he completely fades away.

This happens because he is gradually losing touch with this world. His sensory organs no longer work the way they used to.

Question: Why is everything arranged this way? Why is the course of life going downhill?

Answer: After forty years, life begins to fade. Its peak is in the period between thirty and forty years. Until the age of thirty, we try to somehow identify ourselves, and from thirty to forty we realize ourselves.

I am not talking about scientists, composers, or creative personalities who continue to realize themselves. There are even people among them who through their special qualities reach highest development by the age of sixty. Scientists, for example, accumulate a huge mass of information and knowledge for sixty years of their life. Where would they go? There is no retirement for them.

But an ordinary person engaged only in servicing his body, his ordinary life, he feels after forty years that there is practically nothing to strive for, he has to think about how to continue to exist calmly, simply exist and gradually fade away.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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