Medicine In Its Own Service

273.01Question: Recently, cytotherapy (cell and gene therapy) has developed, which often results in the sale of stem cells from an unborn baby.

There are stories of doctors conducting ultrasound scans and deliberately giving a wrong diagnosis and telling the mother that she needs to terminate the pregnancy for medical reasons so that the embryo could be used to rejuvenate famous people, so these physicians can earn a nice sum of money.

What’s happening? How can this be? The main oath doctors take is the Hippocratic oath: “Do no harm.”

Answer: What are you talking about?! We see that doctors are one of the most egoistic specialties because a doctor feels that he has power over you, that he can command you; he feels his impunity.

Comment: It would seem that it should be the opposite.

My Response: You appeal to morality, to some kind of inner honesty, conscience, or justice. How can one demand this from a modern person? Especially when you take young people and teach them to be egoistic, to try to achieve some position, some kind of power by any means. A doctor is paid to serve more patients and prescribe more drugs for which money is paid.

Each doctor is personally interested in patients coming to him and not to another doctor. It is beneficial for him to prescribe additional drugs for each patient since in the end it turns out to be a decent income for him. I have talked with some doctors and they explained everything to me frankly. That is, the doctor has absolutely no interest in human health.

Therefore today all medicine is aimed at making money. And there’s nothing to say about the cost of medicines and medical equipment. The health care budget sometimes exceeds the national defense budget. This is an extremely lucrative trough for millions of people.

Since all medicine is arranged by us egoistically, we cannot demand that doctors help a person disinterestedly. All their activity is based on their attitude not toward a person, but toward his organ. Therefore the whole approach, both in general and in particular, is completely flawed.

Question: Can this approach be changed?

Answer: No. This will become possible only when a person is convinced that he lives in a whole world and is connected with everyone else. If he wants to be healthy, then he must take care of the health of the whole society.

In The Book of Zohar, in the chapter “Pinchas,” it is said that all our illnesses result from an egoistic attitude toward each other. We transfer this infection, this poison, from one to another, and therefore we get sick.
From KabTV’s “Close Up—Anamnesis” 2/19/10

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