Light Guides Us To Recovery

938.03The feeling of your insignificance is a great and honorable feeling because a person bows his head before a higher power. And of course it is important for what purpose and by what means he does it.

On the other hand, it is written: “And his heart was high in the ways of the Lord.” That is, it seems one should be proud, increase one’s desires, opportunities, and the means to advance. How do these two directions fit together?

In fact, both of them guide us toward the same goal. There is not a single property in a person that would contradict the achievement of the goal. After all, we proceed from a perfect state, from merging with the Creator, where we were at the very first point of creation.

The Creator gave birth to us as a black point immersed in the infinite upper light. And from this point we began to develop due to the fact that the light entered this dark point opposite to the light, “created from nothing.”

All the properties inherent in us were formed from the collision between light and egoistic desire. And therefore, in all reality there is nothing but this opposition between egoism and bestowal, light and darkness, the properties of the Creator and the properties of creation.

Therefore we only need to correct our attitude to this and return to the previous state. And for this we figure out our fragmentation, the opposite of light, and feel distant and confused. But at the same time, we have all the data to collect this, like a child’s game of assembling a Lego set, and to put each part in its place.

And in addition, we have an upper force that influences us and all the Kabbalists of the past around us who help us, with what else we will reveal. And inside this circle is our world group Bnei Baruch, and inside it are our little tens. And all this is inside a system that works, heals, and restores itself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/21Shamati #230 “The Lord Is High and the Low Will See – 2”

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