Forecast For 2022: Where To Go?

229Comment: Some political scientists, scientists, and various specialists recently gathered to provide and economic forecast for the coming year, which included the following points. The gas crisis in Europe will worsen; Europe, as a whole will be torn apart by contradictions; the immigration crisis in the EU will intensify; hyperinflation in the United States will intensify; the confrontation between Democrats and Republicans will worsen; the pandemic will continue; military conflicts in Syria, Libya, Donbass, Karabakh, and the situation around Taiwan will not be resolved; America’s confrontation with China will be intensify, and so on. There are many more points.

What is your view on all this?

My Response: There is worldwide discord.

Question: Where to go? Look what is going on!

Answer: There is no need to go anywhere. Nowhere. There are no other planets, no one is waiting for you anywhere.

You have made a mess of one planet and now you are going to fly to another? If you would observe the Earth from space, you would see how much garbage, to put it mildly, swirls around this Earth. The Earth itself is completely covered.

Question: So what about all these forecasts? Specialists, political scientists, they should at least suggest something.

Answer: They cannot offer anything. This will continue all the way to the end. On the contrary, they are beginning to realize that they have nothing in their hands. There is nothing in the head, in the soul, and in the heart. This is where the real crisis begins.

Question: So, do you think it will appear in their heart and soul?

Answer: No. This requires huge disturbances and great suffering. They would not survive that. They would consent to lie down under an atomic bomb and that’s it.

Comment: But they used to offer something, something was built before.

My Response: It was because they were more naive. They are smarter now. They realize they have nothing to offer.

Question: Do they suddenly feel that the human mind can no longer grasp all this?

Answer: The human mind can only ruin, spoil, break, and make the future dark, black.

Question: Why were we given such confidence in our minds?

Answer: So that we get completely confused and realize that our mind is worth absolutely nothing. After all, what distinguishes man from all other creatures? The mind!

It sounds so dignified! Well, now be proud of who you are. You have such a mechanism in your head, such a huge amount of feelings in your heart, but they are all egoistic, narrow, and fixated on the mundane, on our petty egoism. And that is why nothing works.

Question: Is this the way, really? Is that the only thing a person has to realize?

Answer: Yes. Only that, that there is nothing in his hands, it is either death, or…, but death is not an option either.

Question: What do we have in our hands then?

Answer: Only to go toward getting closer to each other to reach such heights in the relations between us that your neighbor will be dearer to you than you are to yourself.

Question: So we can come to such a state that I set my brain aside and go only for feelings?

Answer: Yes. Because our brain today can only lead us into even deeper egoism and expose us to even greater blows.

Question: Do you mean that this is not about the mind but about the heart?

Answer: Yes. “The heart understands,” as it was written. The mind has to follow the desires. To the extent man’s desires are corrected, to that measure his mind can work with them. And it will be the right symbiosis.

Question: So this is how the higher mind plays with us?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Is our mind a part of this higher mind or not?

Answer: Our mind is not. But we will come to it, we will come to uniting our mind and our feelings with the higher mind.

It will be a good year.

Question: Do you have any advice on how to do this?

Answer: We can accelerate the maturation of the rational-spiritual or rational-heart if we try to understand this path.

We must realize that we have no other way to preserve ourselves as a species but to change to opposite properties. That is what we need to realize—there is no other way out.

We can’t say: “This is unrealistic, this is impossible.” It doesn’t matter what is possible or impossible! It is simply the only way out. So we are going to jump over the abyss from the fact that we are absolute egoists to the fact that we must be absolute altruists, from hating each other to loving each other. Nothing else is needed. And in this quality of love for each other, we will begin to feel the great power of the universe permeating everything and everyone, all matter, above time and space. And then we will enter a completely different level, a different dimension.

Only this is required of us. It is impossible with our own forces. When we think about ourselves now, everyone refers to their own strength. But we can overcome only by collective forces.

Question: So, let’s achieve this together?

Answer: Yes!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/29/21

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