Cover With Love

938.03Question: If I free my friends from my own shortcomings by exalting them, then what are my next actions?

Answer: If you hide your shortcomings from your friends, you steal from them because they will have nothing to rise above.

Our ascent lies in the fact that after seeing the negative qualities of others, I rise above them. That is, I begin to evaluate my friends not negatively, but positively.

This means rising above your egoism. When you see a friend in a negative way, you must reach a state where these negative qualities will appear positive. As it is written: “Love will cover all crimes.” Crimes remain and I cover them with love.

There is nothing else. No matter how negative we may be, we can be positively connected with each other. This is how we must learn to work.

Question: But if I exalt my friends and see them in full perfection, where does my previous view, when I endowed them with my qualities, go?

Answer: It stays. Nothing disappears. All your negative opinions about your friends and your own desires and thoughts all remain in the common Kli (vessel). And then the negative and positive parts will still work with each other in symbiosis.

Question: And if I do not hide my negativity, they have nothing to justify in me?

Answer: We should think about unity, love, and good relations, and how to instill them in each and everyone. We should not expose our egoism. But if it catches the eye of others, that is a different problem. Perhaps it is their problem that they feel this way, and they should work on themselves. We must be an example. This is already mutual work.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Deriving the Greatness of the Goal from the Friends” Lesson 4

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