Why Are There So Few Real Men In The World?

552.03Comment: Many studies show that girls are more attached to their fathers while boys are more attached to their mothers. And you say that, in principle, boys after the age of three should be raised by their father and girls by their mother.

My Response: This is not yet the practice in our time. I have in mind a corrected society where boys can be with adults, take right examples from them, watch their fathers spend their free time after work, and so on.

I am talking about a society in which a person works several hours a day because he does not produce useless, unnecessary, harmful products, and the rest of the time he engages in his spiritual elevation. And next to him are his children: boys next to boys, girls next to girls, who take correct examples from their parents.

In principle, Kabbalah talks of a time that undoubtedly must come. I think we are getting closer to it. I hope we will come to it in a good way.

By the way, we see this from ancient customs of various tribes where boys up to two years old were in their rearing period, then for another two or three years shifted to the female half, and then completely switched to the male part and took examples from their fathers. They were interested in it, they were proud of it, and so they gradually became involved in life.

And the opposite is true today; boys are raised by women both in kindergarten and at school. Almost throughout their lives they are surrounded by women. We cannot imagine how subconsciously they absorb their attitude to life, and then against their will, they enter this life like a woman. Therefore, there are few real men in our world.

Question: What is a real man according to Kabbalah?

Answer: A real man is one who assumes the responsibility to be the master, the head of the family, who can lead—lead forward. Moreover, to do this not for career reasons but from the fact that he understands the importance and the need for this.

That is, he is a man. There is very little of this personality in men today. There are careerists, there are all sorts of petty crooks in science, in art, everywhere, but there are no personalities. And it is all because they have not received the correct upbringing.

They were raised by women, and they did not receive proper education for the masculine character, the masculine way of life, sight, and perception.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Two-headed eagle” 1/1/10

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