When There Are No Rudiments Of Communication

539Comment: In the Book of Prophets, Sodom and Gomorrah are mentioned more than once as an example of God’s wrath. It turns out that we can see this in every generation. But there was a dispute between Abraham and the Creator. If there were ten righteous people in these cities, then He would not destroy them.

My Response: Of course. After all, the presence of the righteous suggests that there are at least some rudiments of altruistic movement between people toward each other. Then you can keep this state no matter how externally it may seem malicious, stagnant, and hopeless.

If such rudiments from which perhaps something would break through to the future started to develop there, then there would be no need to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. But as we know from the Bible, an appropriate examination was carried out in those cities and a conclusion was made that there were not so many righteous people there. Therefore, nothing good could develop there.

If people are fenced off from each other by absolutely impenetrable borders, then such a state must be annihilated. It cannot give any positive results in the development of mankind. No matter how difficult its development is with all kinds of sins, there is still communication between people. And there was no communication there.

Therefore, this state was completely destroyed, and all other states will exist and develop until they come to the one that can be corrected.

Comment: The main thing is communication. Sometimes it is hard to understand that theft and wars are better than Sodom. But, in principle, we see that those who conquered countries really gave them their culture. There was development, mixing, and some kind of life.

My Response: Of course. If it were not for the Romans and Greeks who conquered half the world, we would be different today.

Comment: In addition, we see how Europe, which conquered African countries and Central Asia, still developed them although it used unacceptable methods.

My Response: It does not matter. Everyone acts with their own methods depending on the period. This is how we develop.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/7/21

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