The Development Of The Soul

712.03Question: Why is it specifically through the body that the development of the soul to the human level takes place?

Answer: The development of the soul does not happen through the body. We exist in the body in order to develop the soul and to be independent of its development. So that I, while constantly on the animate level and starting from it, could develop the soul.

It is not dwelling constantly in the soul, but being able to change it, to make circuits, to ascend constantly, to be independent of your spiritual state, to descend into the body again and ascend to the new degree of the soul again; to descend again and ascend again, and so on.

The soul is the organ in me that I correct and fill. While working on my soul, I exist separately, just like, for example, I would create some kind of mechanism and work on it. I abstract from the soul and look at it objectively. That is why there is a necessity for such a state as our physical existence.

After all, by looking at yourself from the outside, you become more objective. One can ascend the levels of his soul because he also has a body in which he exists.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Individualist” 1/15/10

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