New Life After The Flood

527.03As soon as I discover that I have disconnected from the Creator, from bestowal, from the group, from everything that relates to spirituality, I need to divide this state into two parts: the state of the body and the state of the soul.

All corporeal principles that exist in our world belong to the body: health, mood, material environment, and family. And on the other hand, I have to look at how all this creates interference and affects my connection with the ten and with the Creator.

This is how we connect all affecting factors to one source and establish that everything comes from the Creator. The flood comes from Him, both the external and the internal flood. If I understand that everything comes from the Creator, then all I have to do is decide: Do I also belong to the Creator or not?

Only one checking point does not belong to the Creator, the point in the heart. When the Creator created the desire to receive, He disconnected it from Himself, and that is why we feel separated from Him.

I must try to attribute my mind and heart to the Creator too. Then I will find out that I do not have any thoughts and feelings of my own and that it is the Creator who causes all these feelings in me so that will I rise above them to Him as their source.

My feelings and thoughts throw me into completely opposite and confusing states, but I perceive them as the flood arranged by the Creator. He had to send me the flood to purify my desires, the same as the earth washed by a torrential stream is cleaned of litter and can give birth to new life.

And although this purification is carried out by the waters of the flood, that is, not only by the property of Bina but by Bina together with Malchut, this is how they are united, and this leads to correction. We can now use this force and advance. This is the beginning of creation; that is, there was an opportunity within a person to rise above his egoistic desire and attribute everything that happens to the upper force, to Bina, to bestowal.

A person understands that the external saboteur, corporeal disturbances, and internal spiritual disturbances that do not allow him to rise to the level of Bina, the level of faith, all come from the Creator. If he can attribute both saboteurs, both great obstacles only to the Creator, then he is freed from foreign thoughts at the degree of Malchut and at the degree of Bina, and he attains faith above reason.

This means that I do not take into account these two saboteurs—corporeal and spiritual—but stick only to bestowal, to the Creator. This is the first point in the force of faith, in the force of Bina above the force of Malchut.

Therefore, it is necessary to separate these two levels, corporeal and spiritual disturbances. Corporeal disturbances manifest themselves in the form of fatigue, loss of strength, illness, problems in the family, at work, etc. And within all these disturbances we need to uncover the spiritual disturbance: that I do not want connection, I do not have the strength, the mood, and I cannot fight my laziness. This is the second, more internal saboteur against which we mainly need to fight.

Both saboteurs lead us to reveal their cause, the Creator, because it was He who sent the flood to the earth. And due to this, we come to the degree of faith above reason. I establish that both saboteurs come from the upper force, I hold on to my friends and with them to the Creator.

This is how we are saved from the flood! Our connection with the Creator brings us to dry land, we leave the ark and begin to settle on earth. In that desire to receive, which can already reach the degree of Bina, we lay our new settlement; faith is higher than reason.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/21/21,  Shamati #104 “And the Saboteur Was Sitting”

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