If There Were No Others

235Question: Why does a person love someone and hate someone else? Wouldn’t it be better to treat everyone equally? Why are there such polar opposites?

Answer: Then why do I need everybody? One person is enough for me. And so proceeding from the fact that there are many different people, I can develop myself, project myself onto others, and study myself. After all, if there were no others, I would not know myself.

Question: Why is man given hatred? It would be much easier without hatred.

Answer: Not at all. Hatred is the greatest acquisition we have because everything that can be built, can be built precisely above hatred by rejecting it and building good, building love.

Question: Does the feeling of hatred help a person in their development?

Answer: Yes, this is help from above. So it is said about the evil inclination of man that this is “help against you.” If you look at evil as standing against you, it will help you.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/6/21

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