Both Love And Hate

557Comment: Before I began to study the wisdom of Kabbalah I thought that love and hate were not related, that hate is one thing and love another. I also did not understand how a person can feel both at the same time.

My Response: This is because in our world we are unable to connect opposites. At best, we can understand the fact that they destroy, which means that they destroy each other, but we cannot understand that they exist mutually, that they complement each other mutually, and that they define each other mutually. This doesn’t happen in our world.

The point is that there is no hate without love and there is no love without hate. Moreover, if you cannot sustain love and hate together, it means that you have neither real love nor real hate.

Question: What determines the growth of hate in a person? Is this growth proportional to the future love?

Answer: This happens only in a group that yearns to acquire the attribute of bestowal. If a person has a small group and wants to be in close mutual contact with it, and to even feel love, he begins to feel different disturbances that bring him to the recognition of his evil nature. By overcoming these disturbances he advances.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/29/19

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