The Only Way To Transition To Love

939.01Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom“: The Torah and the Mitzvot were given only to purify Israel, to develop in us the sense of recognition of evil imprinted in us at birth, which is generally defined as our self-love, and to come to the pure good defined as “love of others,” which is the one and only passage to the love of the Creator.

People would never unite with each other, but because they yearn for the Creator and want to reveal Him, this yearning connects them. Nothing else can truly unite not a mother with her children, nor a husband with his wife, family, relatives, nations, or humanity. Therefore, we need to yearn and turn to our spiritual root in which we are in absolute fusion, such as, for example, mixed gases or liquids from which nothing remains but a homogeneous mixture. For this Kabbalah was given—to mix and unite us.

When we try to unite, we begin to understand the extent to which we are unable to achieve this, and the Creator is perceived precisely to the extent that we are connected. What to do to make this work? We cannot do anything! And this “we cannot” is our nature and is the absolute evil that makes us feel repulsed by each other, just as two identical poles of a magnet reject each other.

The recognition of evil shows who we are from birth and the extent to which we cannot connect to become one whole. This mutual rejection is defined as our ego, our self-love.

When we begin to feel the real force of the ego, the rejection, hatred, failure, lack of awakening toward each other, we can begin to imagine the opposite form, which is love of others.

Our great teacher, Baal HaSulam, says that this is the only and unique transition to the love of the Creator. We must therefore reach a state in which we are powerless to unite, we push it away with all our might, and we do not want it at all.

It is difficult to imagine how one can bear a feeling like love, the total dissolution in others, when there is nothing left of you. It is actually the feeling that you cannot fully dissolve in others that brings you the recognition of what love and connection actually are.

In other words, we cannot sustain the connection of love if we do not attain it as a result of rejection. This is the only way to make the transition from hate and inability to unite toward love.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 12/29/19

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