Governed By Nature

707In our world, people are animals in the sense that like animals they do not have freewill.

The upper force (nature) controls us the same way as the entire animal world so we are no different from them. Now we are discovering it more, examining our genes, hormones, and psychology.

For example, we see how similar the fates of twins who grew up far from each other are—their habitat, children, and family—although they are not close by. That is, a person is determined from within, and even external conditions do not particularly change him. Everything is in us. Nature rules us and guides us through life.

It seems to us, like little children, that we are free. But children are constantly under the care of adults, we follow them all the time, but to them it seems like they are free. It is the same with us, we think that we are free because we are blind.

Question: Then, where does a person’s striving for music, poetry, or something sublime come from?

Answer: In the same way, animals sing, dance, and play with each other. It is just in a human it is more developed.

I am not saying that a person is not different from the animal level. He is different. He has fantasy and many additional properties. But it does not correspond to the concept of human in the sense that Kabbalah presupposes.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Centaurs” 1/15/10

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