Educating Children To Sense The Filling

508.1Question: Children at school see that everyone gets new things and they also want to buy new things. How can we educate children and raise them from the level of the world of consumerism?

Answer: It all depends on how important we see things. We need to educate children in advance and work with them so that they will know that the important thing in life is—their internal property. After all, I get no pleasure from buying a new washing machine since I internalize it and swallow the pleasure from buying it. So I can receive pleasure from things that I don’t need to pay for like books that I read or things that I see.

Question: How do you define an internal property, what does it include?

Answer: Games in general, sports, and friendships, anything that not related to purchasing with money. All these things fill a person much more than shopping.

Question: Will one’s internal property fill the internal need to buy or to receive something new?

Answer: We live from impressions, from the sense of the filling. If I am in a mutual relationship with someone and we fill each other through conversation, we acquire knowledge, a mind. We are filled by watching a movie together, by listening to music. I don’t have to pay for an object in order to enjoy.
From Kab TV’s “New Life” 11/14/21

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