Do You Need To Limit Your Immediate Needs?

506.5Question: Are there any desires that do not need to have limits placed upon them?

Answer: I would say no. But in order to bring spiritual states closer to us, we can say that I can use everything that I need for bodily existence without even thinking that I am using it egotistically because my nature compels me to do this.

Question: Is there a connection between spiritual curtailment and fasting in our world?

Answer: In principle, when a person begins to reduce his egoistic desires, thoughts come to him that it may be less worthwhile to use all kinds of fillings of our world. Perhaps then he will be closer to the spiritual state? These are natural questions for beginners.

Question: In many spiritual practices and religions there are customs of fasting, meaning not eating food and even not drinking water for some time. Does it have something to do with the roots of the contraction?

Answer: Yes, it is connected, but this is not a direct consequence. I would say that these are customs.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/16/21

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