The Middle Ages: An Internal Upsurge

522.01Question: Why have events, such as the revelation of The Book of Zohar in the sixteenth century in the time of the ARI, always been a turning point in the development of humanity?

Answer: It is because everything should as if sit above the common egoism, like a rider on a horse. Universal egoism is like a horse, and the level of development of a person who should connect with the upper force is like a rider.

Therefore humanity, developing at the bottom, comes to some stage, for example to the time of the Middle Ages, which was very turbulent internally with serious development that broke through a little later.

The Middle Ages is not a frozen state as it may seem to us. It was characterized by the rebirth of humanity from the level of “animal” to the level of “human.” Practically to this day, we are still reaping the fruits of our internal transition to existence within the framework of a rigid family, social, and religious way of life.

When a person breaks through this framework and, like a volcano erupts, nothing can stop him except his own limitations, which he is beginning to recognize today.

Only now do we come to the fact that the breakthrough that was made during the time of the ARI, that lava of the “volcanic eruption” that occurred in the Middle Ages, freezes and again feels like inanimate matter to us. We no longer know what will happen next, so today we come to Kabbalah.

Question: Does it mean that humanity had to make this transition in the time of the ARI?

Answer: Yes. Therefore, the ARI represents a completely new stage from which humanity can already enter the correction, the attainment of spirituality. Before him, Kabbalah was banned; the Kabbalists themselves hid it. This inertness has remained to this day.

Question: It turns out that we are 500 years behind, right?

Answer: No, this is not being behind; rather, this is gradual adaptation. At the time of the ARI, humanity was not ready to accept this because at that time the breakthrough of industry, arts, and science had just begun.

It seems to us that allegedly the church or the ruling power, or some other reasons held back development. It is not so; just at that time human egoism was at a small level and did not require more.

When it broke through from the animalistic level to the human level, then all development began, including Kabbalah. Then, in principle there was the method of correction of the ARI, which today we are beginning to implement. We are the first generation that begins to realize it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Difference in Souls” 12/11/09

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