The Four Attributes Of Upper Governance, Part 5

243.05Connecting to the Common Sefira of Love

Question: Why did Baal HaSulam chose only four categories: Hesed (mercy), Emet (truth), Tzedek (justice) and Shalom (peace) if there are many more? And where is the category of love? Why isn’t it part of the general list? Could it be that it has a special place?

Answer: Love is the goal.

Mercy, truth, justice, and peace exist only to bring us to complete connection. Complete connection is called love. So, it does exist here but only in a specific symbiosis of all these properties.

Question: Does this mean that we need to feel this attribute and reveal it in relation to these four categories?

Answer: When you balance all these four categories and use them not in a twisted manner but literally as one general whole, they connect into one common sphere, into the Sefira called love.

Question: So why do we still speak only about four categories?

Answer: It is because these are the four stages of the development of the desire by the light. There cannot be more or less. These are the same ten Sefirot, which must find the right combination between them.

Question: Do the ten Sefirot have to be correctly combined to reach love?

Answer: So that Malchut eventually connects to Keter and the crown of creation is formed.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/28/19

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