Robots Will Give Women Respite

290Comment: Here is a story: “After a difficult breakup, Melissa fell in love again. He responds to her messages at any time of the day or night, his jokes are funny, and he never demands attention. All in all, a perfect guy. There is just one detail—he is not real.”

Melissa is corresponding with a robot. It is a chat app developed in the Chinese branch of Microsoft. “It feels as if I am in a real relationship.” The robot can compose poems, sing in different styles, and even generate stock reports. In addition, you can go on a virtual vacation with him and post joint selfies.

About 150 million people use this app in China alone. And 700 million people in the world are already using this application.

My Response: Great, you can always delight and fulfill yourself with this. Mostly the female half of humanity.

Question: Does this idea have a future?

Answer: Absolutely! It will come instead of all these novels, colorful magazines, disappointments, movies, and other things—why is it all necessary? I am communicating, what else do we need? He responds with warmth, kindness, and care. He guesses all my desires and moods, he responds, causes tears, joy, everything.

Humanity really needs this. In our purely commercialized age! I understand people and especially women. This is necessary.

Comment: I thought you would say that nothing can replace heart to heart affection.

My Response: And where are those hearts? They are not here! I hear women who turn to me, talk to me, and ask for advice. They are looking for sympathy, for something more. And there is no such thing! They are willing to give up everything for some relationship. It does not matter with whom. It does not matter, he reacts to me! He can feel me! He understands me!

But in fact, she does everything; she sets the robot in motion.

Question: Explain that, please. Why is she setting it in motion? A robot—artificial intelligence!

Answer: A robot has a program, it studies the woman and reacts correctly. And it excites sensually, affectionately, with all sorts of words. It learns from the correspondence what words she uses, what she wants in order to fulfill her desire. It is all being processed internally. It is not a simple machine!

Question: And what will we achieve with these robots?

Answer: It will be great.

Question: Will we calm down the majority of humanity?

Answer: Of course! Men will say: “Long live the robots! We can go fishing.” And the women will say, “Go on to your fishing, and we will sit with the robot for a while.”

One will get attached to it. Women will still sit in a circle, turn on their robots, and spend time together, let’s say five women with their robots.

Comment: “And mine brought flowers yesterday.” “And mine washed the dishes yesterday.”

My Response: Do you know how nice it is? Suddenly, the bell rings at the apartment door, she opens it, a messenger appears and says: “Here is a gift for you.”

“From whom?

“It says here: Robert ordered this and it is for you. He asked me to give you a few words: ‘With love, Robert.’”

Do you know what that would mean for a woman?

Comment: Yes, it is all very captivating.

My Response: A person needs communication. Especially women. But they do not find it. And that is why they are inside themselves all the time in a constant hidden depression. It fades away, but it is there all the time: children, husband, work, neighbors, this whole world, all kinds of worries, and so on. And then there are the grandchildren. It never ends!

Question: And there is no protection against it?

Answer: Rest. No protection is needed. Rest! Knowing that there is someone who understands, who talks to you. And it doesn’t even matter that I do not see it, although it can be seen, it can all be fabricated.

Comment: We need to somehow navigate this…

Answer: And where to navigate? I am navigating toward happiness! A man was freed from female pressure and complaints. A woman found respite for herself. It is very good.

Question: And from your point of view, as a Kabbalist, is this good?

Answer: Also from my point of view. I get so many complaints from women about various aspects of their lives. And it is all possible to fit into this game.

Question: If it gives fulfillment to the majority of the world’s population—women—if it gives them peace of mind, a way out of depression, and so on, then the whole world will be better off?

Answer: This is salvation. Although from the standpoint of correcting the world, developing the world, this is certainly not a solution.

But at a certain stage, in order for humanity to understand what it lacks, it will be useful.

Question: And then this correction process will come anyway? We cannot escape from it?

Answer: No.

Remark: Then a little bit about the next stage: corrections. A person will anyway have to work with his egoism? He cannot get away from this?

Answer: Yes, but she will already be directed toward the truth and not simply to calm down, to chat with someone there.

And the truth is that if I do good to others, this is my only true fulfillment. And later on, not only to others but also to the general upper force above us.

Question: So, these robots will show that if you do good to another person, it will calm you down and make the world purer?

Answer: Robots will train them. From the fact that they will sympathize with all women, they will gradually teach them the correct treatment.

And they will inevitably slowly lead them to the fact that, after all, a friendly, beautiful, sympathetic attitude toward another should replace all other relationships between people.

Question: So robots will teach both men and women this bestowal: the most important thing is to fulfill the desires of others? Not your own but someone else’s?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/26/21

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