Hastening Our Spiritual Development

522.01Question: How can we turn difficult spiritual work to desirable work?

Answer: It happens gradually. It takes many years under the influence of the surrounding light and the light that reforms.

When I had just started my spiritual path studying with Rabash, he told me how Baal HaSulam had discovered the wisdom of Kabbalah.

One day Baal HaSulam came to visit his teacher who lived in Porsov, a small town near Warsaw, and his teacher was not home so he began to examine the books in his office and came across a book he was not familiar with. He began to look through it and discovered that it was a book about the spiritual world. This book was called The Tree of Life which the ARI had written. Baal HaSulam was amazed at what all was written, that it all existed!

Suddenly his teacher walked into the room and said, “Put the book back, it is not for you.” Baal HaSulam put the book back, but he already knew what to look for. The following day he purchased the book and began to study it.

Then Rabash added a sentence that shocked me: “But my father didn’t know that it would take him 30 years to attain what was written in that book.” I remember grabbing his sleeve and exclaiming: “30 years?!” I was 33 or 34 years old then.

Although it doesn’t take so long today because of the hastening of our development, you still need at least 20 years to attain what the wisdom of Kabbalah says and to see the whole complete picture. Although I don’t see that it happens this way, 30 years seems quite realistic.

The reason is that the light that reforms a person and reveals the Creator operates gradually. On the whole it operates at an amazing cosmic speed, but we have to overcome the same cosmic distances accordingly. It isn’t about distances that we measure in our world by billions of kilometers, but about much more!

The light continuously works inside us, and to the extent that I connect my desire, I hasten the influence of the light on me. Still there are a great deal of tiny corrections that take place every second, and we have no choice but to be patient.

If a person has a desire to attain spirituality, he has to develop it. If he has no desire, he has to get closer to the sources so that he can still participate in some way.

As a student, I would choose a niche that I can invest in. Not everyone can engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah in maximum bestowal, but he can engage in dissemination, in typing, in going over materials, in working in the archive, etc. It is very helpful and hastens time. Otherwise it takes humanity a long time of course. If it weren’t for us and the time we are undergoing, humanity would remain as in the past and nothing would actually change.

If the changes took place at a natural pace, without the light that impacts all of humanity and all of nature, our development would be very slow. People would live like in the Middle Ages, without any changes.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/13/19

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