Raising The Earthly Desires

261Question: The women are dividing into tens now and they often meet on Zoom® and connect between them on the phone. But there is no effort to disseminate. It seems that they are trying to imitate the men’s work and not do what you advise them to do, to grow stronger in dissemination.

How can this be changed? How can dissemination become the preferable activity in women’s tens?

Answer: I do not know how to endorse this.

You need to understand this from the structure of the general vessel that we learn about. If there is no unity between us or if our unity is not aimed at expanding outward, we will not be able to receive anything.

We are the upper part, the head of the vessel, called GE (Galgalta ve Eynaim), which includes Keter, Hochma, and Bina. The other part of the Partzuf is called AHP (Awzen, Hotem, Peh), and it is made of the lower part of Bina, ZA (Zeir Anpin), and Malchut.

We can receive the light from above, from the Creator only to the extent that we are integrated in the desire of the lower vessels.

So, the desire in the lower part of the vessel has to be precise, a deficiency from the lower vessels (from the people). But if there is no such basic desire, we will not receive anything from above.

It is very simple. You cannot do anything without the right desire, without wanting to correct something. We, the upper part, only prepare ourselves for the correction so the correction will help us feel the lower part, the desire of all the people in the world, and then we will be able to raise their desire to the Creator.

This is how we work.

This is the reason we are called Israel, Yashar-El, straight to the Creator, whereas they are called the general body, the general vessel.

They cannot correct themselves in any way. Only we can correct them. Without them, there is nothing for us to correct. This means that the connection with the Creator can only be if we take their desires first and raise them upward, then we will be able to be in contact with the Creator.

So without dissemination there is no hope that the Creator will relate to us in any way because all our work stems from the desire for the goal of the creation that we received from above. Why has the Creator given us our desire? So that we will format ourselves and begin to raise the desire of the rest of the vessel to Him. Then we will really be in our right place, serve the Creator correctly, and become His servants.

But if we do not use the desire to the Creator, which was given to us in order to turn to the world and connect with their yearnings and their sufferings and raise them upward, there is no need for us because we cannot ask for ourselves.

All our requests can only be in order to connect the world to the Creator. It is only for this purpose that we exist.

So, do not hope to attain the Creator, to reveal Him, to be in contact with Him, if you do not begin to raise the uncorrected, shattered desires of the world to Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/13/19

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