Nature Gives Us A Chance To Ascend

232.05A person on the spiritual path goes through great descents. And if he does not feel connected with the group, then he can leave this path. He makes great claims to the teacher, to his friends, to the whole world, and to the Creator, believing that he alone is right. But in fact, this egoism covers him.

He could get the strength from the group to overcome this state, but he does not want to, because he feels smarter and stronger than the rest. Pride decays a person to such an extent that he is buried under the thickness of his egoism and dies in the spiritual.

This happens to a lot of people, and they end up leaving. Perhaps they themselves do not realize what happened to them, but on the contrary, they consider themselves right and think that at last their eyes have opened. They regret having entered a society that does such unrealistic things.

In contrast, in all religions and beliefs, students idolize the teacher and the path itself. After all, there is no left line there, criticism is not permissible, there is no growth of egoism at every step. Whereas in the science of Kabbalah we advance on two legs, in two lines, as it is said: “And you will be like Gods who have known good and evil.”

Therefore, only in Kabbalah does it happen that a student disagrees with the teacher or even hates him, and rejects the Creator. After all, we are taught to ascend to similarity with the upper force that we need to comprehend and understand. And not everyone can do it.

It happens that a person is brought into a Kabbalistic group as if blown into it and he is completely unprepared for such work. For now, he is only interested in mysticism, but not in the science of Kabbalah, which leads to real understanding and comprehension of the upper force. Or he wants to be taught to perform some material actions and pray, and limit himself to this.

Among us there are such “random” people because the study is open to everyone. And therefore, sometimes, after a while, a person discovers that this does not suit him; he does not suit us, and we do not suit him.

And such a person leaves. Moreover, it does not depend on intelligence, he can be very smart. It all depends on the readiness of the heart, the maturity of the soul. If a person is ready to go against his egoism and rise above the two forces of nature, reception and bestowal, in order to unite good and evil together in one source, in the Creator, then he can advance in Kabbalah.

But if a person is not capable of this, if he does not have enough patience, does not have enough mind and heart to bind good and evil together with one force, then he leaves and begins to chastise the teacher and Kabbalah.

After all, this is not an easy way but one that requires constant self-nullification, and how can an egoist love that and agree with it? Therefore until recently the Kabbalists hid this method, which did not suit the broad masses. Only in modern times did Kabbalah begin to spread widely, but many start it and quit. And the rest are for the time being those people who are ready to listen to the truth and, most importantly, to realize it in their own lives.

If a person leaves, then we wish him success in corporeal life, and we ourselves continue on the path. And our world shows us day by day that there is nothing to look for in it. What does a person gain by giving up the spiritual path? It is unlikely that wealth, fame, power, and special satisfaction await him in the material world. He simply does not want to make efforts in what nature indicates to him, that is, the science of Kabbalah.

Nature wanted to reveal to him the chances and possibilities of really achieving the correct view of nature so that he could take the two forces of nature, plus and minus, and combine them in the middle line according to the method of Kabbalah.

He had to make this correction within himself, reconfiguring himself internally in accordance with all of nature, in three lines: right, left, middle, that is, the force of receiving, the force of bestowal, and their correct connection. And then he would see, understand, and feel the entire universe above time and space, above all the limitations of one-dimensional egoistic perception.

Purely altruistic perception is also limited because it is not accessible to any dimension—everything is open, everything is in bestowal. Here it is necessary to combine two lines. Only with the help of both of them does a person stand firmly on the path, in the middle between the two lines, and can one give and measure the amount of his bestowal. Thus, he ascends the steps, comprehending the Creator more and more.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/30/21, “Baal HaSulam. Shamati 10. What is “Hurry, My Beloved,” in the Work?”

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