Ambiguous Attitude Toward Kabbalah

545Question: Why are Jews, even if they are searching for the meaning of life, looking for it not in Kabbalah but elsewhere?

Answer: Once upon a time in the distant past, Jews managed themselves with the help of the Kabbalistic method and rose above this world. They sensed the eternal, perfect creation, and dwelt in it with their senses and mind.

And then they fell into the opposite state, opposite to the original one. That is why they have such a rejection of Kabbalah and an unwillingness to return to this state. The properties prevailing in them today are opposite to the higher properties they were in at the time of the Temple because they fell from plus to minus.

And the other nations that came out of Babylon and did not rise spiritually have neither plus nor minus. But now historical development has brought them to the point that they want to know what the meaning of life is and they are completely loyal to Kabbalah. If their religions are not directed against Judaism (after all, many consider Kabbalah to be part of Judaism), then they are interested and perceive it as something true and at least not repulsive.

Although, there are many obstacles here. Some think that Kabbalah is mysticism, a terrible science that can cause dark forces to affect a person. Be that as it may, all these fears gradually disappear and humanity is beginning to feel internally that there probably is some possibility of salvation, of finding the truth in this method.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Expulsion” 12/11/09

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