Nation Based On Ideology

560Question: Why do Jews unite only at the moment of danger?

Answer: The Jews have no natural power of connection because they are not a nation. They came together not on the basis of blood alliance or belonging to some families, but on an ideological basis. The rest of the Babylonians began to settle on the Earth in clans, the so-called Hamuls. Some went to the west, some went to the east.

Therefore, the people who joined Abraham did not feel blood kinship and were guided only by their ideology. It turns out that when the ideology between them is strong and they want to unite, to rise above our world, then they are really a nation. And when this ideology weakens and disappears, they feel like a disunited herd and become such in exile.

Comment: But in exile, Jews somehow support each other.

My Response: They hold on only because they are hated by other nations, and not because they themselves strive for connection.

If it were not for the method of connection, which is in their hands, there would be no such nation at all. The fact that they married among themselves is not an indicator of the nation. We are only an ideological group with a certain spiritual purpose and nothing more.

And if we do not strive for this goal, then there is no people, no land, no country, nothing.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. The Difference in Souls” 12/11/09

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