Kabbalistic Haiku “What To Do With Thought-Scouts?”

627.2Comment: You wrote this haiku:

Thought-scouts crept into the brain,
watching what they can profit from;
Be quiet.

What did you want to say? What are these little scouting thoughts that have crept into my brain, are watching what can be done, and are still quieted down?

My Response: Yes. That’s how I feel sometimes. And don’t you feel that something is beginning to arise in you, some thoughts, and they seem to be looking for something to grab in you, something to do, something to turn out, and something to be interesting to them, to have something to profit from?

Question: Can you give an example? What thoughts enter me in order to profit from me, and they have quieted down?

Answer: We, in our spiritual work, are full of such things! These are thoughts against my comrades. I live normally, I exist, and suddenly I have such thoughts.

Question: And these thoughts have something to profit from in me?

Answer: Yes! Everyone has it! Such thoughts arise in me and find a very wide field of activity.

Question: And in ordinary people, thoughts of hatred for others are also thoughts?

Answer: Yes. After all, it’s all just our huge selfish desire. It is very easy to turn him on. It is very easy to incite others. These are the thoughts that work there.

Question: That is, all my criticism and hatred of others are those thoughts that have found ground in me and have taken root?

Answer: Absolutely true.

Question: How can I make sure that they do not take root in me?

Answer: You must feel them as your enemies and cultivate a constant feeling of hostility toward them, such that they are even afraid to arise in you.

Question: Are all these confrontations, all this hatred, thoughts that have found soil in us?

Answer: Of course! They come in the form of a fetus, and we begin to excite them inside, ignite them, and grow them. And now they flare up and now they are already burning everything in me!

Question: In order for them to have no soil so that they cannot germinate in me when they come, what should I do?

Answer: Destroy any bad opinion, thought, desire, selfish urge toward others. They will have nothing to fall on to germinate.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/29/21

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