Join The Multitude Of Corrected Souls

961.2Rashbi, Zohar for All, VaYechi, Item 168: “When a person dies, he is given permission to see. He sees his kin and his friends from the world of truth, he recognizes them, and they are all engraved in the same form that they had in this world. If a person is righteous, they all rejoice before him and greet him.”

Question: What does it mean “engraved in the same form that they had in this world”?

Answer: When climbing the spiritual ladder, a person does not change. He only changes the use of his properties.

Question: Why is everyone rejoicing and greeting him?

Answer: Because a whole soul is rising up to them, and it now joins the multitude of their corrected souls. This is a huge addition, a huge event, in the spiritual world.

Imagine that there are seven billion souls or rather black dots on the level of this world and each one must rise and reach the power of the level of the world of infinity. In the meantime, they are vegetating at this dot level.

Of course, it is desirable that they all correct themselves. And that is why those high souls help, lift and shake us up so that we finally reach the spiritual stage, perfection and harmony, and rejoice in every corrected soul.

Systemic sufferings are beginning to appear in our world, and they force people to start thinking systematically. We are connected to each other, dependent on each other, and we cannot change anything by any violent methods.

I hope that these systemic sufferings will lead everyone to the need for unification. And then by quantity, not by quality of a small group, but the whole of humanity, we will begin to rise. It will be very easy, simple, understandable, and natural for everyone.

It will be written about in newspapers, talked about on television, and discussed everywhere. It will constantly roll through people’s heads and will become a subject of life for them.

I am absolutely certain that we will come to unity in a good, gentle way. And the fact that The Book of Zohar is being revealed now is a very good sign. You just need to open it, take it as an infusion drop by drop, and it will work.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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