What To Correct: Myself Or The World?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a goal before us. It may seem attractive to us or not. Our perspective is somewhat like a child who desires what is pleasant in his eyes (sweets) and not necessarily what is good for him (spinach). Despite our reluctance, we have to find and assume the correct form of behavior in order to ascend to the new desire for bestowal, instead of remaining in our current desire for only receiving.

This means that we must accept, above our will and nature, that the goal and Upper Governance is good and necessary because it belongs to a different level, the level of bestowal. And Kabbalists tell us the best way to move toward this goal, the level of bestowal.

The way is simple, they tell us: We must accept facts that are unpleasant to us. We would like to bend the world to fit us, while we ourselves wish to remain unchanged. Yet, the Kabbalists advise us to accept the world as it is, (it is good and perfect; it is just that I don’t see it as such) and annul ourselves.

So, a person walks using faith above reason, meaning above his egoistic heart and understanding, and wants to see the world in the Light of bestowal as it is described in Kabbalah. If we try to see the corrected world, group, and ourselves, we will begin to demand the Light that Reforms. This is why we must examine ourselves and the world each moment, criticize, and walk above this criticism!

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  1. How are drugs viewed from a Kabbalah point of view? How can I change or what can I do to change someones attitude towards drugs? Does this addictive behavior bother me because I still have to correct something in me? Or does it bother me just because I know its a bad thing?

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