Is It Necessary To Reduce The Population Of The Planet?

962.6Question: The world is becoming global. Many economists and scientists write about it. But what does this knowledge give me as an ordinary person from the point of view of Kabbalah?

Answer: This knowledge does not give a person anything if he does not understand where we are going. Globalization suggests that the world is round and that we are all interconnected with each other.

Moreover, there are two types of relationships. We are either connected poorly, egoistically, and then we enter into fights and begin to tear each other apart, or we can somehow find ways of proper communication between us.

Therefore, on one hand, according to serious scientific calculations, it is necessary to reduce the population of the planet by 60 to 70% or the planet will simply not support us.

Or, we can expose ourselves to nature and reduce our population sharply and harshly with enormous suffering, epidemics, or war.

Or, it can be done in a different way by us in no manner diminishing ourselves and even, perhaps developing further—if we find the right connection between us and nature. And nature will not oppose us, but will treat us kindly, just as we treat it.
From Kab TV’s “Close-Up. Reference Point” 9/9/09

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