A Simple Story

281.01Comment: The desire to attain the Creator, break away from egoism, and enter the spiritual world is a multi-layered story, and it is not simple at all.

My Response: It is very simple. We just don’t feel it so it feels complicated. Let’s say a cat is sitting next to us and looks at you, at me, at you, at me. Well, what does he understand? Nothing.

To eat, yes. We eat fish and give it to him, he understands this, the same pleasures. He will find a mate, and we will find a mate, he also understands the same pleasures. You will make a bed for him to sleep, and for us too, we will have the same pleasures, we understand this.

And we are talking about a level called the highest, spiritual, the Creator. At this level, the cat does not have any sensations. This is where our similarity to each other ends.

The connection is above us. We need to reveal completely new qualities in ourselves, which are located in us, and then you will see that you were a cat in the past compared to you today.

And you cannot do anything, the others do not understand you. You love them, you want to treat them well, raise them up to yourself, but they do not understand you yet.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #20

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